Simposio ASOCHIN

 Nov 13th

 Nov 14th

 Nov 15th

 Nov 16th

9.00-9.45 9.00-9.45 Plenary Lecture: John Cidlowski, Ph.D. (Signal Transduction Laboratory/
Molecular Endonicrology Group) NIEHS, NIH Intramural Research Program, USA.“Endogenous glucocorticoids suppress spontaneous gastric
inflammation and spasmolytic polypeptide expressing metaplasia in mice”
10.00-10.45 Plenary Lecture 2 ASOCHIN: Maria Vicario, Ph.D. (Valld’Hebron Hospital,
University, Barcelona, Spain):“Neuroimmune interactions in the intestinal mucosa
associated with irritable bowel syndrome pathogenesis”
10.00-11.30 Symposium S39: Microbiota and Immune Response: -Martin
Gotteland, PhD.
Faculty of Medicine, UChile.
metabolites and gut inflammation”
Hermoso, PhD.
ICBM, Faculty of Medicine, UChile.
dysregulation of the gut and microbial handling”
Marcela Hernández Ríos, DDs, MSc, Ph.D.,
Faculty of Dentistry UChile. Faculty of
Health Sciences, Universidad Autónoma de Chile.

Crosstalk between local and systemic host’s
inflammatory response in endodontic infection”

10.45-11.15  Coffee Break
11.15-12.45 Symposia 1-4 ISME-ALAM Coffee Break
12.45-14.30  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch 11.50-12.30 Asamblea Socios ASOCHIN
14.30-16.00 Symposium S8: Neuroimmune Response:
Chairs: Mario Rosemblatt, Ph.D. (Fundacion Ciencia &
Vida, Chile) & Daniela Sauma (UChile, Chile)
Quintana (Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, USA).

“Regulation of CNS inflammation”-Rodrigo
Naves (UChile, Chile)

“Dual role of interferon-gamma in experimental and human
multiple sclerosis”

-Rodrigo Pacheco (Fundacion Ciencia& Vida, Chile)
“Dopaminergic regulation of T-cell mediated inflammation”-Caroll Beltran (UChile, Chile)
“The neuroimmune role of mast cell in the disorders of
Gut-Brain Interaction”
Symposium S20:
Fish pathogens & Immunology: Chairs : Kevin Maisey Ph.D.
(CBA, USACH, Chile) & Sebastian Reyes Ph.D. (CGB, UMayor, Chile)
-Sergio Marshall, Ph.D. (PUCV, Chile)
“The main pathogens in Chilean aquaculture:  Molecular
-Monica Imarai, Ph.D.
(USACH, Chile)

“In the horizon of prophylaxis:  From adaptive immunity of
-Luis Mercado, Ph.D (PUCV, Chile)
“In the horizon of prophylaxis:  From innate immunity of
Symposium S32: Cell Biological Control of Immune Responses:
Chairs: Pablo Vargas, Ph.D. (Curie Institute, France) & Leandro Carreno, Ph.D. (ICBM,
Fac. Med. UChile, Chile)
Matias Ostrowski, Ph.D. (NCR, UBa, Argentina)
“Induction of HIF-1α by
HIV-1 Infection in CD4+ T Cells Promotes Viral Replication and Drives Extracellular
Vesicle-Mediated Inflammation
-Ignacio Cebrian, Ph.D.
(IHEM, U Nac Cuyo, Argentina)
Dynamic interaction between the endocyitic
and secretory pathway during antigen cross-presentation by dendritic cells
-Maria Isabel Yuseff, Ph.D. (PUC, Chile)
Shaping the Immune Synapse by Centrosome-Associated
Proteins: Impact on B Cell Responses
-Fabiola Osorio, Ph.D.(UChile, Chile)
“Regulation of antitumor immunity by the unfolded protein
response sensor IRE1 α “
12.30-13.20 Award Ceremony & Cocktail
13.20-14.00 Closing Ceremony
20.15 Dinner
16.10-17.40 “ASOCHIN: Mini Symposium Immune disorders
(Oral communications)”

“Yessia Hidalgo (MR Bono’s group) “Functional alterations in the thymus of the systemic lupus erythematosus murine model NZBWF1”

Juan Tichauer (R Naves’s group) “Interferon-gamma-induced tolerogenic profile in a microglia subset in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis”

Carolina Prado (R Pacheco’s group) “Dopamine receptor D3 plays a dual role in B-cells favoring antigen-presenting cell function and stimulating the suppressive activity of regulatory B-cells in autoimmunity”

Karen Dubois-Camacho (M Hermoso’s group) “MicroRNA 378a-3p, a Novel Post-transcriptional Regulator of IL33 Expression”

Jaxaira Maggi (JC Aguillon’s group) “Tolerogenic dendritic cells generated with dexamethasone and monophosphoryl lipid A are characterized by a particular transcriptional profile associated with immunoregulatory features”

Pablo Veloso (M Hernandez’s group) “Macrophages increase their polarization towards M1 and M2 in symptomatic apical periodontitis””

“ASOCHIN: Mini Symposium – Basic Immunology
(Oral communications)”

Danitza Fuentes (MI Yuseff’s group). “Role of the KDEL receptor in actin remodeling and function of the immune synapse in B lymphocytes”

Mariana Rosemblatt (D Sauma’s group) “Expression of the ectonucleotidase CD73 enhances the proliferative response of naïve CD8+ T cells”

Sarah Nunez (M Rosemblatt’s group) “Novel role of the thymus during inflammatory immune responses”

Carolina Schafer (L Carreno’s group) “NKT cell stimulation by glycolipid ligands modified from α-galactosylceramide results in differential cytokine secretion profiles”

Manuel Flores (A Onate’s group) “Evaluación inmunológica de una vacuna quimérica de ADN basada en los marcos de lectura abiertos BAB1_0270, BAB1_0267 y el gen SodC de Brucella abortus 2308”

Jose Jimenez (MI Becker’s group) “TLR4, but not Dectin-1 or Dectin-2, participates in the proinflammatory effects induced by mollusk hemocyanins in antigen presenting cells of mammals””

“ASOCHIN: Mini Symposium – Tumor Immunology
(Oral Communications)”

Francisca Hoffman (F Salazar’s group) “Cx43-mediated Gap Junctions intercellular communications participate in Cytotoxic Immunological Synapse enabling tumor killing by CTL”

Lia Hojjman (M Lopez’s group) “”Modulation of the lymphocyte axis TH1/TH17/TReg by narrowband ultraviolet B light: Possible role of TRPV1 and TRPV4 channels””.

Felipe Flores (F Osorio’s group) “Regulation of the antitumor immunity by the IRE1a/XBP1 axis in dendritic cells”

Pamina Contreras (K Pino-Lagos ’s group) “CD49b+Foxp3- T cells present in the tumor site have a Tr1-like phenotype and are greatly expanded in a murine melanoma model”

Sofia Hidalgo (A Lladser’s group) “Tumor-infiltrating CD8+ T lymphocytes displaying a resident memory phenotype in renal cell carcinoma patients”

Felipe Galvez-Jiron (CH Ribeiro’s group) “A dual role for invariant Natural Killer T cells in immunity to gastric cancer””

17.40-19.15 Poster session/Coffee Break Poster session Poster session
20.15 Cheese & Wine